Central Washington Corn Processors (CWCP) is expanding its massive north Richland grain shed to better accommodate a key commodity used for livestock feed by the region’s dairies, feedlots and other operations – soy meal.

According to the Tri-Cities Journal of Business, the $4.3 million project will extend the CWCP flat house to 916 feet long, about a third longer than the original 616 feet. At 155 feet wide, the extension will boost the its footprint to nearly 142,000 square feet.

CWCP receives shipments of commodities such as corn, canola, dried distillers’ grain, whole cotton seed and soy meal by rail and stores it in the massive flat house. It dispatches loads to customers in Eastern Washington, northern Oregon and beyond.

The extra room accommodates the soy meal that arrives from the Midwest in smaller batches –- two to three rail cars a day.